Performances & Installations


Siegmar has been making individual work and engaged in various other collaborations, from one on one companionships to large groups.

  • slime evolution  installation-performance in collaboration with Sandra Blatterer (light artist) forthcoming
  • ERZ – The Pleasure of the Text in collaboration with Philipp Enders and Monika Rinck, Tanzquartier Wien (2016)


  • dirty talk, performance, DIRT: an apparatus curated by Stefanie Wenner INKONST Copenhagen; TanznachtBerlin16 curated by Silke BakePhoto on 12.05.16 at 14.30 #4

  • Invasive Hospitality, performance, drawing, talking, playlists conceived by Sophia New and Siegmar Zacharias. I take this format wherever work takes me and invite local artists into it: Kate MacIntosh, Stina Nyberg, Anna Pehrson, Alice Chauchat, Cecilie Ullerup-Schmidt,  performed as guest of critical art ensemble at documenta13, Kassel, How Performance Thinks,  Psi  Performance and Philosophy London, SEAM13 critical path Sydney, Makers Doing Text, MDT Stockholm, TanznachtBerlin14, Works at Work Festival, Danshallerne CopenhagenScreen Shot 2016-05-12 at 14.18.54


  • WomanOnWork  (WOW)– We work here is a platform for research and exchange of performance/dance related practitioners living in Berlin. It parasitises or gets hosted by existing Festivals in Berlin since 2011: Tanz im August, performance platform: body affects, sophiensaele, re:act feminism-a performing archive, Akademie der Künste, TanznachtBerlin2016P1030104


  • Democracy –Fuck Yeah! Instruments of SuperPower. YouTube-lecture, Psi#17 Utrecht, Node Festival Stockholm, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, SPECTRUM project space gallery, Perth (2008)


  • Pavillion of Hot Air and Hopes, Installation, Festspielhaus Hellerau/Dresden (2008)


  • Perforated Paradise, concert, text, super8 film-installation performance, Klangwerkstatt, Berlin music: Boris Hauf. Steven Heather, Thomas Meadowcroft (2003)


  • Zero video-lecture performance on zero, nothingness and Timbuktu, DasArts graduation (2003), Open Gallery, Melbourne (2004) music: Steven Heather, video edit: Andreas Eberleinzerogc8 (1)


  • Dracula89/03 multimedia performance about projections on Romania, the media revolution in 1989, Dracula & Ceausescu. Sophiensaele, Berlin & Gasthuis, Amsterdam, in collaboration with ARCUB Bucuresti video: Xander de Boer, music: Steve Heather, Costumes: Nina Thorwart, performance: Raluca Botez, Tudor Bronitki, Adrian Ciglenean, Ioana Christmscu, Rada Ixari,  (2003)



  • Borrowed Items, DasArts research project, Melkwegtheatre, Amsterdam choreography: Siegmar Zacharias Sharon Smith, Gonnie Heggen, Performers: Anne Prins, Diego Gil, Claire Fleury, Netta Warga (2002)
  • Here is looking at you, kid video installation/performance, Gasthuis, Amsterdam video: Xander de Boer (2002)
  • The light of the potato. Virtual reality in the dark. Lecture performance, Rollende Road show, Volksbühne am Rosa Luxembourg Platz (2001)
  • Lick your wounds in limbo. On the theory of the wound and how to lick it best. Love Pangs Congress, Lecture-performance, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz (2001)
  • Curation of the performance series fishing enterprise presents: no name, Staatsbank Französische Strasse, Berlin. Creation of performances within: Know Thyself. Oedipus at the fitness-centre, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, FQ: the flexibility quotient, Part of the festival “Reich und Berühmt 2001”, Podewil, Berlin (2001)



  • life after god, DasArts, Amsterdam, performance: Elisa Santiago, Voin de Voin, Barbara Gresch (2000)life after god
  • sweet medea’s ways. An exercise in swallowing, performance, DasArts, Amsterdam (1999) performance: Liza Witte !lizam3




  • Stages of Agency conference in collaboration with Prog.Dr. Stefanie Wenner Hochschule für bildende Künste, Dresden (forthcoming)
  • the other thing in preparation: ecology of a new project, MDT (forthcoming)
  • THE CLOUD, lectures presentations concert sophiensaele (2015)cropped-10958784_10153555942831978_299004708_n.jpg
  • We’ve only just begun, opening of brut vienna in collaboration with Kira Kirsch and Jacopo Lanteri (2015)
  • fishing enterprise presents: n.n., performance series, staatsbank (2001)



  • Sweat the Movie, impulstanz a project by International Festival Marten Spangberg and Tor Lindstrand 2008
  • THE THEATER Festival Centre steirischer herbst, a project by International Festival Marten Spangberg and Tor Lindstrand 2007
  • Black Market for useful and unuseful knowledge a project by Hanna Hurtzig, HAU 2 Berlin 2005

THE THEATER, festival centre & herbstbar 2007, initiated by Marten Spangberg and Tor Lindstrand The Theater was a  collaboration between performance artists, theoreticians, architects working on the interface between architecture and performance. it comprised a one year research phase, a half year warm up with public interventions on location and the realization of the structure that provided a fully functioning stage, foyer and lounge area.

image from a warm up event: the stage, die Bühne, laying down the ground plan on location