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  • Performing arts festival Berlin: Why we need the arts in times of crisis (2020)
  • “Integrities of the body” curated by Sandra Noeth, Mousonturm Frankfurt (2020)
  • Visceral thinking interview with Sonia Fernandez Pan. Podcasts series produced by the Women’s Center for Excellence A collaboration between the Art Institute HGK FHNW in Basel and Instituto Susch / Art Stations Foundation CH (2019)
  • A conversation On Class with Nduwanje Olave, Mohammad Salemy, Alina Kolar, Shannon Sea, Zoë Claire Miller. (2019)
  • respondent: Art and Citizenship, RESHAPE Forum Lublin (2019)
  • Intimacy & Alienation: towards a posthumanist feminist poET(H)ICS, Tulane university, New Orleans (2018)
  •  lectura babeata Language Intimacy and Alienation MACBA, Barcelona (2017)
  • Liquifying Poet(h)ics, Matter: Stages of Agency Conference curated by Siegmar Zacharias and Stefanie Wenner HFBK Dresden (2017)
  • wet, dark, uncanny, The Other Thing 24hrs immersion into artistic research, MDT Stockholm (2017)
  • Songs of a melting iceberg, Nordwind Festival, Savvy Contemporary (2017)
  • Digesting dance and mystery whales, Digesting Dance conference keynote, Vilnius (2016)
  • dark & dirty. Dark Ecology, dark Phenomenology & the aesthetic experience, Centrul National de Dance, Bucharest (2016)
  • The Love Practice, Culture Centre ZAMEK, Poznan (2015)
  • Ecology of Artistic Practice, postdance conference, MDT Stockholm (2015)
  • spending time with a cloud, DOCH lecture series (2015)
  • Time, Zombification, Beyonce & Keersmaekers keynote at Making history Now, critical path, sydney (2015)
  • Frame dragging. Contextualisation in contemporary performance practice HZT SODA lecture series


  • On/through/with/about Touching in You don’t need Nothing, deltaworkers publication 2020
  • About Intimacy, writing in the lockdown 2020 VOICES::
  • performance as grief work in: and then the doors open again. Ed. David Weber-Krebs, vice versa books 2020
  • THE CLOUD – zine MDT stockholm
  • Exquisite Corps – On/Through/As Collaboration in collaboration with Alice Chauchat in: A Future Archeology, Ed.: S.Bake, P.Stamer, FU Berlin Interweaving Performance Cultures 
  • space (and contingency) dialogue with Mattef Kuhlmey & Siegmar Zacharias in: Let’s talk about work (and life) Ed. Tanzfabrik Berlin, apap/ advanced performing arts project (2015)
  • WOW-WeWorkHere, Routledge: Performance Research Vol. 17. On Labour & Performance (2014)
  • The View from Here, The Paper, Melbourne Arts Festival (2009)


  • Grief work – polyvagal theory, somatic abolitionism and accumulative grief, Studium Generale UdK Berlin
  • Artistic Research as a diffractive method Bard College Berlin
  • Poet(h)ics & Contemporary Performance Practice Bard College Berlin
  • Intimate Micro-lecure: where do the social body and the individual body intersect? Bard College Berlin, Performing arts Forum
  • Owning your Methodology SODA UdK Berlin
  • surfacing & generative body-fictions Dansalliansen & MDT Stockholm
  • Diagnostics – methodologies of unpacking practice SODA HZT Berlin
  • Composition and Composting DOCH Stockholm
  • Minor Practices. Deleuze’s/Guattari’s technologies of becoming minor SODA, HZT Berlin
  • Composition and Latour’s concept of the assemblage SODA HZT Berlin
  • Choreographic Practice as Strange stranger. Vis a vis Timothy Morton’s Dark Ecology DOCH Stockholm
  • Peer to Peer learning and feed back DOCH Stockholm
  • Let’s talk about work, babe DOCH Stockholm
  • Who is Hosting this Dance? Cullberg Ballet Stockholm
  • working together alone – modes of companionship Works at Work, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Dansehallerne, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
  • Deep Listening in Choreography and Dance. Pauline Oliveros’ listening meditations for the body Centrul Național al Dansului București CNDB
  • Working Visits: The conversation piece practice, Kunstenfestival des Arts, Brussels
  • A dance a day. feed back in peer group mileus, critical path, Sydney 
  • Hospitality, Ecology, Company, Cullberg Ballet Stockholm
  • Group Technologies, with Christine de Smedt on invitation of TKH walking theory, Les Laboratoires des Aubervillies, Paris 

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